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Email Blast May 25, 2020

Greetings in the name of the Holy Spirit. We are celebrating Pentecost this week and are excited to have a worship service that will explore the places we meet the Holy Spirit. Special thanks to Bruce Bosley who will be speaking about our labyrinth and to Liz Gross for the special music.

I have been talking to those who have been helping with the worship service and have decided that Facebook live is just not a good avenue to do our services because of all the technical issues we have encountered. The service will still be posted on Facebook and our website, but it won’t be live. We will pre-record sometime at the end of each week. It will be important to email or text me any prayer concerns that arise. I will be happy to include them in the service if we receive them in time. I will also put the prayer requests in the email I send that has the bulletin and sermon attached.

Looking ahead Rev. Denise Shannon from the Weldon Valley church will be joining me for next week’s service. June 7 was to be our first county-worship service. So, we will still have the service it will be virtual and shared with the three churches. We will film from Rankin. Our new carpet should be installed by the end of this week, so we can share what that looks like for everyone in the service.

Also, next week is the first Sunday of the month. We will celebrate communion and ask you to have some elements with you to participate in home communion. With it being the first Sunday of the month we ask that you also consider making a donation to either Rising Up or the Community Cupboard.

There is another mission opportunity to participate in the annual Pentecost offering. A minute for mission is attached to this email about how the First Presbyterian Church of Sterling CO was able to create a new ministry. If you would like to give to this offering you may send a check to our churches and in the memo line please write Pentecost Offering. Our Sessions will be deciding where the local portions will be going after we next meet together.

Finally, friends we know that some of the rules are changing about what we can and cannot do for “opening” the churches. Please pray for the Sessions as they look at how we can best serve one another and keep everyone safe. We do not have any dates yet, but stay tuned and we will let you know when we can physically open our buildings. In the meantime know that we are still the church and are doing the work we are called to do, it looks different than anything we have ever experienced—but the Spirit moves among us and the gospel of God’s love thorough Jesus Christ is still there to be shared. Have a great week.

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