Who are we?

We are proud to be the United Presbyterian Church of Fort Morgan. Our church is a light on the hill, welcoming all, encouraging each other to grow spiritually, and empowering ourselves to glorify and lovingly serve our Lord Jesus Christ.

UPChurch is a vibrant congregation of committed disciples. We are not a social club. This is where seekers come to deepen their faith through studying God’s word, worshipping, building relationships of trust, and most importantly – getting our hands dirty helping Christ usher in his kingdom. This congregation has played a foundational role in various ministries of compassion in Fort Morgan, and continues to seek new opportunities to show God’s love for the world to our members, and to every person in need we meet.

We have several small, but active, organized groups in our church. We pray for each other and enjoy the fellowship. We share and definitely look forward to our potluck dinners. Good cooks, good organ and choral music, good study groups and a thriving preschool are perhaps the long-standing hallmarks of the United Presbyterian Church of Fort Morgan.

The Beginning

The First Presbyterian Church was the first church organized in Fort Morgan. George Glassey and family were the leaders in this endeavor. The year was 1886 when the town of Fort Morgan was two years old. The Methodists were second and the United Presbyterian Church (Ensign) was third, organized in 1902 under the guidance of the Josiah Work family.

These two congregations, whose buildings were within two blocks of each other, thrived for many years. Each always had its own full-time pastor. Together they produced 12 ministers, four missionaries and one Superintendent of Men’s Work, PCUS denomination.

Hints of a Merger

In 1958 the Presbyterian Church of the United States of America and the United Presbyterian Church of North America merged nationally to form the United Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. and was the key factor leading to the eventual merger of the two congregations in Fort Morgan.

In the fall of 1970, a chance meeting and conversation in the barbershop proved to be the preface to definite action for making the merger a reality. These two men were Ray Sietsema of the First Presbyterian Church and Jesse Snodgrass of the Ensign United Presbyterian Church. They talked with others in their respective congregations and in June of 1971 an Ad Hoc Committee meeting was called. Ray Sietsema, Jack Zurbrigen, John Bloedorn, and Jim Stone of First Presbyterian and Jesse Snodgrass, Melvin Meekins, John Moore, and Bob Carruth of Ensign United Presbyterian composed the Ad Hoc committee.


Plans were finalized in 1974 and on September 28, 1974 the two churches became the United Presbyterian Church of Fort Morgan. The newly merged church called the Rev. Robert A. Bielenberg to be its minister. He arrived in June of 1975.

A new building was the next plan. Land was bought, pledges received, the existing churches and parsonages were sold, and our present building became a reality. The first service in the new building was on Easter, April 10, 1977.

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